CASTING REVEALED: A Guide for Film Directors

  The First Casting Guide for Directors.  (Actors love it too!)

“…even old pro’s will find this valuable.”

Steve Michelson – Executive Producer, Lobitos Creek Ranch,
Oscar Nominee: OIL ON ICE


“A classic in the making,
read it before you launch your next film-project
and enjoy the success it surely will bring.”
Celik Kayalar, Director -  San Francisco

“Don’t make a movie without reading this book.
You’ll be happy you did and so will your actors.”
Paul Martin, Director, and Member: DGA

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Book Talk with Jason Gorbett

“Great acting is transformative,” Hester Schell writes, “it is the action, guts, and backbone of your story. When you have the right actor in the right role, your entire film will take off.” How to get that actor in that role is the subject of “Casting Revealed: A Guide for Film Directors,” which reveals and benefits from Schell’s lifetime of experience in an impressive variety of jobs in the worlds of theatrical and on-camera production – acting, directing, producing, writing, teaching, coaching, and, of course, casting. “Casting Revealed: A Guide for Film Directors” provides crucial, must-have information for producers, directors, and casting directors on the process of casting for on-camera productions – with a focus on films.

Walking the reader through each and every aspect of the casting process, Schell provides a cornucopia of tips and tricks to support the reader in doing a thoroughly professional job as efficiently as possible. In the book’s introductory pages Schell makes a strong, incontrovertible case for the vital role casting plays in the production of an excellent film. Media production is intrinsically multi-dimensional. Every facet must be approached with total commitment. Drop one facet – equipment, poor logistics, unqualified crew, etc., etc., etc. – and what could be a winning work of art fails to live up to its potential, or fails to live.

Writing for both the experienced and novice filmmaker, Schell instills the “Fear of God” into our hearts if we are cavalier about casting our project. By virtue of her experience and accomplishments, Hester Schell simply cannot write a book about casting without including fundamental information about many other aspects of production – especially pre-production. Readers, therefore, benefit greatly from not only her highly detailed, comprehensive information about the casting process, but also critical information about other aspects of production that may very well be new to some readers.

“Casting Revealed” also contains ‘special features’ – a Glossary of Common Film Terms, a humorous “The Parts of Speech”, and a Bibliography and Resources section. I enthusiastically add my voice to the chorus of industry professionals who have already proclaimed Hester Schell’s “Casting Revealed” to be a must-read.
Jason Gorbett    STARZ Entertainment! Denver.


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