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Footage online at the links.




VOLARE by Holly Johnson.
Directed by Holly Johnson and Hester Schell.
Casting by Hester Schell.
Executive producer, Beverly Frentress, Holly Johnson and Hester Schell.

Taking a rest after a long flight, two old friends from different cultures and species reflect on the absurdity of life.
Coming to Open Signal, Portland Public Media


A nation in peril.

A nation in peril.

by Hester Schell.   (IMDb link)
Wrapped. September 2017.
LOG LINE:  A “Black Lives Matter activist” confronts the attorney on a case of another innocent, wrongly accused. Crime Thriller.

On to Film Festivals!

SANDWICHED will also enjoy unlimited broadcast on Open Signal, Portland Community Public Media’s “The 518″ a NEW variety/arts magazine and performance program. Open Signal has an audience of over 400,000.


In pre-production – SHORT FILMS

Where’s My Dog by Hester Schell  comedy, HD.  Shooting 2018.


In distribution  – Web Series

Working greenscreen on a Webisode

Working greenscreen on a Webisode


Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer.

Newzbeats with Pam and Joan Mankin

Please visit our You Tube Channel for the latest episodes and SUBSCRIBE.


In distribution  – FEATURE FILM



Weapon of Choice, feature film by Jino Kang and Tony Urgo.
AWARD WINNER: Best Feature, Best New Break Out Action Star.  Action on Film International Film Festival, 2014.
Principal Casting by Hester Schell










Past and Future – THEATRE – Directed by Hester

Fertile Ground Festival 2017.

C. 1545, Flanders

Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel, the elder.

A tale of time travel and the power of art:  Two quarreling sisters vacation in Vienna in hopes of getting closer when one of them vanishes through a portal into Bruegel’s Dutch renaissance  painting “Hunters in the Snow.”





Rebecca Grayce and Alan Coyne in Bernard Slade's SAME TIME NEXT YEAR. Directed by Hester Schell. Photo Credit: Jim Messina

Rebecca Grayce and Alan Coyne in Bernard Slade’s SAME TIME NEXT YEAR. Directed by Hester Schell.
Photo Credit: Jim Messina
WINNER!  Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Comedy: ARTY Awards 2014

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR by Bernard Slade, Benicia Old Town Theatre Group. 50th Anniversary Production.
Tony Wade, Daily Republic:  …”packed with love, friendship, and surprisingly, values; connects on many levels. It elicited belly laughs and then moved north to the heart with poignant moments as well.  …the credit for that has to go to director Hester Schell.  ” That instant payoff from theatergoers erupting into uncontrollable laughter after a setup and punch line  can’t be faked. We ate it up.”



Best of Show, SF Fringe Festival, 2013

Best of Show, SF Fringe Festival, 2013

WINNER:  Best of Fringe, 2013 SF
SINGULARITEEN by Patrick Brennan.

Fringe Theater Fest.      “… well written, funny, and superbly directed.” Audience Reviewer
The direction was great… Pacing, vitally important …” Audience Reviewer
Amazing! Fantastic play, great directing and really, really great actors.” Audience Reviewer


MEDIA – in pre-production  Radio Theatre

Original material is the audio theatre production of COLONY COLLAPSE.
Details here:  Radio Drama Rama



We have feature film and theatre scripts in various stages of re-writes and preproduction, including the stage, feature film and TV episodic versions of COLONY COLLAPSE.
Here are the log lines and project descriptions.

FEATURE – (Co Write)

by Gabriell DeBear Paye & Hester Schell


Losing everything on her 50th birthday, a woman is thrust into a world of cast-away people she’d always ignored and embarks on a journey to find community, empowerment and new love.

HARRIETT doesn’t know it yet but she is about to become invisible.

On her 50th birthday her husband runs off with a younger woman, she loses her teaching job, her cat dies and no one, including her adult son has time for her. Suddenly no one notices her, even the police. After a near mental breakdown, she meets LIONEL, a black, a one-legged street musician in a wheelchair, ignored everywhere he goes. He shares his theories on the rules of invisibility and those who are marginalized.

Harriett hits the street to test Lionel’s theory: only invisibles see each another and they are everywhere.

Harriett and Lionel rescue a homeless teenage girl giving birth at a bus stop. Harriett befriends other cast-a-ways as she tracks down Lionel’s lost-in-the-system prosthetic leg.  Now standing on his own two feet, the attraction between them is strong.  But Harriett’s son won’t tolerate her new boyfriend. Lionel leaves, thinking they are racist.

Harriett envisions a way to support the disenfranchised.

She uses her divorce settlement to buy a vacant building and lot to house her dream: a resource center, thwarting her ex-husband’s luxury condo development on the same property. She puts three homeless men to work fixing up the property in exchange for housing. CANDY, the rescued homeless mother, coaxes Lionel to come back and help Harriett. On her 51st birthday “The Visibility Center” opens to great fanfare. Lionel and  Harriett dance the night away.

When the invisible team up, they create a force that can’t be ignored!


Family Drama: Episodic Radio, TV or Stand alone feature drama -
SEVEN GENERATIONS:  Episode 1, Colony Collapse
It’s time for the next generation to run the family farm.bee2small
Meet the Appleton’s: a family thriving on Phoenix Farm since before the Civil War. Until now. Climate change is real. Bee colony collapse disorder cuts into profits while encroaching suburbs and sibling rivalry have brother and sister at opposites:  beefeater to vegan, “drill baby drill” to alternative energy, pushing this family to the edge … and back.

Family Spiritual Drama
FINAL PASSAGE by Hester Schell       WGA # 1892166

GENRE – Female Driven, Faith Based Drama with Magical Realism.
Spiritual themes with ghost/love story. Environmental interest. G rating.

LOG LINE The power of wilderness to heal the human heart: A grieving widow trades harsh Brooklyn for pristine Alaska after a life-changing summer solstice cruise where her husband’s ghost bargains with God and Archangel Gabriel for more time.

SYNOPSIS – Everyone in Alma’s Brooklyn neighborhood knows someone who has lost a loved one to gun violence. Fifteen years ago a drive-by shooting took her husband, Michael. Beating the odds, she raises their two sons on her own:  Jerry a college freshman on a baseball scholarship, and Franklin, in medical school and recently married. Retiring from working underground for the New York City subway, Alma is ready to celebrate. Since she and Michael never took their honeymoon cruise, she books passage to Alaska. All she wants is some peace and quiet. Her sister, Germaine insists she not go alone. But, she’s never alone: Michael is always nearby keeping her safe. Alma, doubting her mental stability, feels his presence, hears and hallucinates him. What she doesn’t know is God, who likes to surf and kayak, made a deal with Archangel Gabriel: Michael can be Alma’s guardian spirit until the birth of their first grandchild, when Michael will make  his final passage. God places Gabriel on watch, flying in on stunning wings whenever Michael gets into trouble, answering his prayers.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights works its magic: On the solstice cruise, Alma meets Cassandra, who also lost her husband – also named Michael – to gun violence, traveling to scatter her husband’s ashes on what would have been an anniversary. United by deep grief and common experience and coincidence, they become fast friends. When the ship docks for a land excursion, they meet Duke, a salmon sport-fishing boat captain, with a boat for sale. Alma and Cassandra buy the boat on the settlement money Cassandra received from her husband’s wrongful death. Now in the sport fishing business, Alma trades Brooklyn for pristine Alaska.  God and Gabriel enjoy kayaking, waiting for the birth. Soul in, soul out.

In Brooklyn, Alma attends the birth of the grandchild. After the baby arrives, Gabriel comes for Michael. Michael and Alma re-live the events of his tragic death at the same hospital. Alma and Franklin walk home where Franklin once again expresses his concern over Alma’s grief, and these hallucinations. At Franklin’s home, Jerry waits for news. Alma and Michael have their final visit when the sons hear their Dad’s voice. Now fully visible and audible to his family, Michael shares a prophecy and speaks to his sons about their futures and the strength of love and family. He gives Alma a farewell kiss as Gabriel takes him. Their powerful love demonstrates the bonds between a husband and wife even after death. Through Alma’s journey from grief to recovery, urban violence contrasts with pristine wilderness.

THEME  Nature/Wilderness as a place for spiritual renewal; the power of love and strength of a marriage through memory; the soul’s passage from limbo to eternity.

LOCATIONS New York City, Seattle, Alaska, Cruise Ship

STAR PULL Strong roles for middle aged women of color. Good role models for young men of color.

CAST   Diversity Casting. Inter-generational.
Leading woman, 45. Supporting women, ages 47, 35, 25.
Supporting Men: 20, 27, 70.
ALMA: Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, CCH Pounder, Alfre Woodard
MICHAEL: Denzel Washington, Mykelti Williamson, Carl Lumbly
CASSANDRA: Emma Stone, Ellen Page, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain
DUKE: Nick Nolte, Richard Dreyfus.


Children’s Series, Educational TV:  4 to 7 Year Olds
Through the discovery of various eco-systems, Let’s Take a Walk… teaches hiking and 
outdoor safety skills while encouraging respect for the environment by 
building an appreciation of our delicate natural resources.   Each episode explores a new eco-system.

EPISODES:   Let’s Take A Walk…   On the Beach  … In the Woods  … At the Harbor  … Where the River Meets the Shore  … Around the Farm  … Through the Garden  … Into Tide Pools  … Where Mountains Meet the Sky  … Into the Caves


Revenge Thriller -
Revenge is sweet. Infidelity is delicious.  Getting away with murder is tragic.

Stuck in his mid-life crisis, Celeste’s artist-husband John, is seduced by a “femme-fatale” predatory seductress, Julie, a high stakes artist’s agent.  Their dangerous romance destroys two families and ends when the jilted husband, Sam, pulls the trigger in a double homicide suicide.



In A Moment’s Notice
Family Drama.
Contrasting decisions in very different circumstances. In a moment we decide whether or not to have someone in our lives: a young man given up for adoption looks up his birth mother.  They decide to build a relationship; A grown daughter looks up the father who abandoned her pregnant mother.  They decide it’s not such a good idea to know each other.
The premier production was produced by the Theatre Department at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California in 2007.  This script is available for AEA (Equity) world premier status.  ROLES: 4 principal characters (two men/two women, 3 supporting characters (1 man or woman, 1 woman, 1 man)

Cup of Coffee
Written for the New England Russian Theatre Festival, this official entry is a spoof on the plays of Anton Chekov, highlighting several famous Chekovian moments.  World Premier:  Boston Playwright’s Theatre, January 2010.  ROLES: 3 men, 1 woman

Colony Collapse
Family Drama
A theatrical stage version of the film and radio script mentioned above;  the farm animals performed by puppets. ROLES:  5 leads (3 women, 2 men; 3 supporting roles (2 men, 1 woman). Strong roles for women. Unique opportunity for puppetry.

Please contact us for more information.



On the festival circuit soon.


Poison by Elliott Hayes. Hitting festivals in 2015 -2016. Drama.
World Premier: Whitsell Auditorium/Portland Art Museum. September, 2016.  Women In Film/PDX.

“Remember Ice -9?  Kurt Vonnegut? One little drop and everything everywhere, Frozen.  ”
After a husband catches his wife with a neighbor, the couple try to work through WHY she cheated. She’s sorry.  He just wants her dead.  He likens it to ice-9 in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.  “Once it’s in, it’s in.  Like Poison.”
Read more about the project and like us on Facebook.



SAME TIME NEXT YEAR by Bernard Slade
AWARD WINNER!  2014 ARTY AWARDS, Solano County California Tribute to Performing Arts
Best Director (Hester Schell), Best Actor (Alan Coyne), Best Actress (Rebecca Grayce) and Best Comedy Production.  4 of 6 nominations (Sets, Costumes)  GREAT REVIEWS.  Benicia Old Town Theatre Group’s 50th anniversary production.
Click the link to read all about it!  Press: Click this.

Rebecca Grayce and Alan Coyne in Bernard Slade's SAME TIME NEXT YEAR. Directed by Hester Schell. Photo Credit: Jim Messina
Rebecca Grayce and Alan Coyne in Bernard Slade’s SAME TIME NEXT YEAR. Directed by Hester Schell.
Photo Credit: Jim Messina

“Same Time, Next Year’ packed with love, friendship, and surprisingly, values.”

“Same Time, Next Year,” connects on many levels. It elicited belly laughs and then moved north to the heart with poignant moments as well.
..the credit for that has to go to director Hester Schell.

That instant payoff from theatergoers erupting into uncontrollable laughter after a setup and punchline can’t be faked. We ate it up.”  Tony Wade, Daily Republic. April 20, 2014


Terry Lynne Bamberger and Steve Menashe in SINGULARITEEN by Patrick M Brennan, in the 2013 SF Fringe Theater Festival
Terry Lynne Bamberger and Steve Menashe in SINGULARITEEN by Patrick M Brennan, in the 2013 SF Fringe Theater Festiva

including BEST OF SHOW!!
SINGULARITEEN by Patrick M Brennan.  Directed by Hester Schell
2013 San Francisco Fringe Theater Festival.  2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival.   AUDIENCE  REVIEWS

“I loved Singulariteen! Fast moving, Funny, Thought provoking. Not 1 dull moment!
Amazing! Fantastic play, great directing and really, really great actors.” Audience Reviewer

“The direction was great… Pacing, vitally important in a one-acter of this length was perfect.”   Audience Reviewer

“It was well written, funny, and superbly directed.” Audience ReViewer

PROMO Shooter/Editor – Singularteen by Patrick M Brennan, SF FRINGE FESTIVAL, 2013,
Winner – BEST OF SHOW, + 4 sold out awards


The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.

Hester Schell co-produced the Half Moon Bay Shakespeare Company’s 2nd season production: Shakespeare’s HAMLET, directed by Robert Pickett. Hester is also on the Company’s board of directors and serving as Director of Marketing and Publicity.

PROMO Shooter/Editor  – Hamlet, Half Moon Bay Shakespeare Festival, 2013, Season 2



We’re not desperate. We’re freakin’ hilarious!

HYSTERICAL HOUSEWIVES, women’s stand-up comedy workshop.
Next Performance:  SUMMER 2015.
Hysterical Housewives Archives

Hysterical Housewives Press


[wptabtitle] MORE LINKS & Past Project Highlights[/wptabtitle]


Internet Movie Database: Hester Schell


SHOOTER/EDITOR  Love is Like a Tractor by Larry Hosford  Trailer, COLONY COLLAPSE by Hester Schell

SHOOTER:  Band:  DreamCycle
Song: Real Roses, Driving With the Top Down
Location:  San Mateo County, Coastside, California

SHOOTER: DREAMCYCLE Gig: St. James’ Pub, Belmont, CA


FEATURE FILM: Never Enough: Money, Sex and Parking Garages in San Francisco
Trailer 1
Trailer 2



WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR:  Water Adventures in Staying Young


WRITER/DIRECTOR:    Cooking Show Spoof


PROMO Shooter/Editor  – Hamlet, Half Moon Bay Shakespeare Festival, 2013, Season 2

PROMO Shooter/Editor – Singularteen by Patrick M Brennan, SF FRINGE FESTIVAL, 2013,
Winner – BEST OF SHOWm, + 4 sold out awards

PROMO Shooter/Editor - The New England Russian Theatre Festival: Original play submission, “Cup of Coffee” a spoof on the works of Anton Chekov.

PROMO - Tokenz, 524 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA



SHOOTER/EDITOR: AMERICA’S CUP TRIALS.  Short. 2012. San Francisco Bay

4 Hollywood producers search for the next big hit.
Film Festival Screening – Beverly Hills HD Film Festival.  Air Time: cablecast on
JU$T UNDER A MILLION press archive

WRITER/DIRECTOR/SHOOTER/PRODUCER: BLANKETS FOR AFGHANISTAN, 2003. Documentary. Air Time:  Free Speech TV.  Produced for the American Friends’ Service Committee.


2014      Action on Film International Film Festival   WEAPON OF CHOICE. Feature (Casting Director).
WINNER: Best Feature, Best New Break-out Action Star.
2009     La Femme Film Festival    BAIT & SWITCH TV: Investigative News Satire  (writer)
2009     Rochester International Film Festival, Audience Award, Best Short:  JULE, JULIE  (actor)
2009     Boston International Film Festival.  JULIE, JULIE (actor)
2008     Sacramento French Film Festival.  JULIE, JULIE (actor)
2008     New York Film Festival  NEVER ENOUGH: SEX, MONEY & PARKING GARAGES IN SAN FRANCISCO (art director, props, set dresser)
2008     Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival.  JUST UNDER A MILLION  (writer/producer/director/ art director)
2007     Mill Valley Film Festival, California – Official Selection. PRESQUE ISLE by Rob Nilsson
2005     Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, California, Official selection – PLANTING MELVIN (acting).
2005     Hearts and Minds Film Festival, Wilmington, DE –PLANTING MELVIN (acting) 2nd Place: Best Feature.
2005    Breckinridge Film Festival, Official selection -  PLANTING MELVIN
2005    California Independent Film Festival,  Official selection – PLANTING MELVIN
2005    Breckenridge Film Festival, Colorado, Official Selection – PLANTING MELVIN
2005    California Independent Film Festival, Official Selection – PLANTING MELVIN
2005    Napa/Sonoma Film & Music Institute, Featured Artist Series – PLANTING MELVIN
2003    Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada – BLANKETS FOR AFGHANISTAN (producer, writer, director) Distribution through Free Speech TV, Denver, CO
2002     Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, California – YOUR GUARDIAN (acting)
2004     SF Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, San Francisco -  LOVE LIFE (acting)
2002     Berkeley Film Festival – Best of Fest. – ULTIMATE REALITY – (script supervisor)
2002     Chill Valley Film Festival – ULTIMATE REALITY (script supervisor)
1995     Bay Area Women’s Film Festival, Berkeley, California – WALLS OF SAND (acting)
1983     Cannes Film Festival – AMERICAN TABOO (acting)  Also Academy Award Winner, best student film 1982.

Please contact us for Hester’s full production resume.
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